Mar 21, 2011



ハリウッド俳優のSCOTT CAAN氏から東北地方太平洋沖地震の被災者の方に向けてメッセージが届きました。彼も日本が大好きで何か力になりたいとメッセージを送ってくれました。

At a time like this I find myself searching, but at a loss for answers and solutions. Feeling helpless and frustrated I'm left with nothing to do but think about the people living through the aftermath of this terrible disaster. I know actions are being taken and help is coming in many different forms, but I personally want to do something. I say that to assure you I'm one of many with that feeling. I recently spent some time in Tokyo, Kamakura, and Kyoto, and have been very much looking forward to returning, especially now. I can't possibly imagine what it's like being there today but please know there are literally billions of people who's first thought every morning is how can we help. The whole world is thinking about you. You are all hero's right now so please try and stay strong, and know you're courage will be what carries you through this. We have your back with love, compassion, and hopefully new answers and solutions every day.

scott caan


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